Wednesday, January 7, 2015

PLAYLIST: Mondo Radio (01/07/15)

Here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "The Higher We Climb", featuring downtempo and more. If you dig it, remember to also find the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
Chants - The Warm Room - I Feel Like I Feel It
Chants - Oubliette - I Feel Like I Feel It
Cuttooth Feat. Hitomi - Old Tape Machine - Cuttooth
Cuttooth Feat. Bridie Jackson - Peace - Cuttooth
Flying Lotus Feat. Niki Randa - Hunger - Until The Quiet Comes
Flying Lotus Feat. Laura Darlington - Phantasm - Until The Quiet Comes
Thriftworks Feat. Russ Liquid - Wrist Wrist Wrist - Fadest
Thriftworks - Lest You Be Judged - Fadest
Mo Kolours - Brixton House - Mo Kolours
Mo Kolours - Mike Black - Mo Kolours
Night Owl Committee - Contender Agent - Night Owl Committee EP
Night Owl Committee - Manual Retro - Night Owl Committee EP
Ernest Anyway And The Mighty Mighty Squirrels - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning - Ernest Anyway And The Mighty Mighty Squirrels Sing The Hits Of Johnny Kidd And The Pirates
IG88 - Lack Lustrous - Hush Hush Records Presents, Vol. 1
Fjord Morrison - Gravities - Hush Hush Records Presents, Vol. 1
Cyberchump - Flutter And Flow - Flutter And Flow
Cyberchump - Neon - Flutter And Flow
Brian Eno - The Airman - Drums Between The Bells
Brian Eno - Bless This Space - Drums Between The Bells
Glass Boy - Danish Lakes - Jenkins
Glass Boy - L. Ron Hubbard's Rocking Horse - Jenkins
Cock & Swan - Melt Down (Stem Collector Remix) - Recess Tangle, Vol. 2
Cock & Swan - Night Valley (Domokos Remix) - Recess Tangle, Vol. 2
CFCF - Oil - Ghostly Swim 2
Dauwd - Kolido - Ghostly Swim 2
Corporate Control - Satin - Ten Dry Nails
Corporate Control - Arkham - Ten Dry Nails
Chrome Sparks - Gates To Heaven - Sparks EP
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana - Sparks EP
Kailo - Say That Way - Say That Way EP
Kailo - Caitlin - Say That Way EP

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