Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PLAYLIST: Mondo Radio (09/30/15)

Here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Got to Get It While You Can", featuring recent rock music and a special visit from Dogs in Ecstasy! If you enjoy it, remember to also follow the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
Sick Sad World - Keep It Real - Fear And Lies
Sick Sad World - Stay Gold - Fear And Lies
King Tuff - Black Moon Spell - Black Moon Spell
King Tuff - Headbanger - Black Moon Spell
Dogs In Ecstasy - I'm A Man - Welcome 2 Hell
Dogs In Ecstasy - Nils Lofgren's Hat - Welcome 2 Hell
Dogs In Ecstasy - Baby - Welcome 2 Hell
Dogs In Ecstasy - You've Got To Get It While You Can - Welcome 2 Hell
Shivery Shakes - Sidewalk Talk - Sidewalk Talk (Single)
Shivery Shakes - So Long - Sidewalk Talk (Single)
The Microscopic Septet - Lobster In The Limelight - Beauty Based On Science! (The Visit)
Dead Waves - Break Apart - Kill The Youth EP
Dead Waves - Happy - Kill The Youth EP
Native America - Well Understood - Grown Up Wrong
Native America - Digital Lobotomy - Grown Up Wrong
Spaceships - Ghost - Cool Breeze Over The Mountains
Spaceships - Limit - Cool Breeze Over The Mountains
Dark Chocolate Chips - Feel Like A Man (Negative FX) - Colonial Solutions
Dark Chocolate Chips - Ice Hatchets (KRMTX) - Colonial Solutions
Daycones - Marsupial Bridge Occurence - The Cruel Echo
Daycones - The Cruel Echo - The Cruel Echo
Zealswallows - Special Tea Storm - Zealswallows
Zealswallows - Microporous Pig - Zealswallows
Fuzz - Hazemaze - Fuzz
Fuzz - Loose Sutures - Fuzz
The Rashita Joneses - Longboard (Live) - Live On 91.7 FM WMSE
Filter Free Rodeo - Little Lord - Little Lord (Single)
The Rashita Joneses - Fever (Live) - Live On 91.7 FM WMSE
Destruction Unit - Chemical Reaction/Chemical Delight - Negative Feedback Resistor
Destruction Unit - Animal Instinct - Negative Feedback Resistor

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