Friday, July 3, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Filter Free Rodeo - Little Lord (Single)

On March 8th, 1921, police were summoned to Waukesha's O'Laughlin Stone Company to investigate a disturbing discovery. Found floating face-down in a flooded quarry were the remains of a young boy, who had apparently been struck about the head before being dumped in the watery grave. Despite being dressed in high-class clothing, suggesting he came from a wealthy family, a wide-reaching and well-publicized search failed to uncover his identity, leaving him known only by the macabre nickname "Little Lord Fauntleroy."

So, what does this gruesome bit of local lore have to do with "Little Lord", the new single from Milwaukee's Filter Free Rodeo? Well, aside from some ominous aquatic images mixed in among the snarling lyrics, it's a tad hard to say. Not that it matters much anyway, since the song's subject, as morbidly fascinating as it is, takes a backseat to the music it inspires, a vicious mix of punk and psych that gradually descends into noisy, bluesy depths.

Much like occasional cohorts the Rashita Joneses, with whom they put out a split cassette earlier this year, Filter Free Rodeo have distinguished themselves through short yet potent releases, and "Little Lord" is no exception, managing to leave a big impression in just five short minutes. Basically it succeeds in doing what a good single should, drawing you in and leaving you wanting more, mainly by being almost as dark and intriguing as the mystery of Little Lord Fauntleroy itself.

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