Thursday, July 3, 2014

PLAYLIST: Mondo Radio (07/02/14)

Here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Never Let Go", featuring recent rock and/or roll. If you enjoy it, remember to also find the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
King Tuff Feat. Gap Dream - She's On Fire - Garage Swim
King Khan - Strange Ways - Garage Swim
Sexy Water Spiders - Vision Of The Mayfly - Black Gold
Sexy Water Spiders - Black Gold - Black Gold
Dogs In Ecstasy - My Brain Is Killing Me - Dat Cruel God
Dogs In Ecstasy - Celeb Friends - Dat Cruel God
JEFF The Brotherhood - Staring At The Wall - Hypnotic Nights
JEFF The Brotherhood - Wood Ox - Hypnotic Nights
Audacity - Red Wine (Anymore) - Butter Knife
Audacity - Cold Rush - Butter Knife
Shivery Shakes - So Long - Sidewalk Talk (Single)
Shivery Shakes - Sidewalk Talk - Sidewalk Talk (Single)
Kimera And The Operaiders With The London Symphony Orchestra - The Lost O?era (Club Raiders Mix) - The Lost O?era (12" Version)
Space Wolves - Die Trying - Space Wolves IV
Space Wolves - Alone - Space Wolves IV
The Pharmacy - Pines - Stoned And Alone
The Pharmacy - Bring You Down - Stoned And Alone
Native America - Digital Lobotomy - Bad Weed/But Still Weed
Native America - Lull/Fate, TX - Bad Weed/But Still Weed
The Delphines - Kentucky - Hush
The Delphines - Hush - Hush
Dead Waves - Lost Again - Kill The Youth EP
Dead Waves - Break Apart - Kill The Youth EP
Gap Dream - Scary Dennis (Live) - Live At WFMU On The Evan Funk Davies Show 10-24-12
Gap Dream - Cover It Up (Live) - Live At WFMU On The Evan Funk Davies Show 10-24-12
Ty Segall - Would You Be My Love - Twins
Ty Segall - Ghost - Twins
Fuzz - Sleigh Ride - Fuzz
Fuzz - One - Fuzz
The Noise Figures - Tame The Knife - The Noise Figures
The Noise Figures - Bones - The Noise Figures
The Vickers - It Keeps Going On And On - Ghosts
The Vickers - Inside A Dream - Ghosts
Sleepcomesdown - Retracer - Cured By The Blur
Sleepcomesdown - Cured By The Blur - Cured By The Blur
Zealswallows - Swinglow - Zealswallows
Zealswallows - Microporous Pig - Zealswallows
Daycones - Los Tiempos - Timescape Psalm
Daycones - Holy Commodity - Timescape Psalm

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