Friday, August 16, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: The Delphines - Careless (Single)

With the popularity of the cassette as an affordably trendy way to release their own music, it was only a matter of time before its scrappy little cousin the cassingle made a comeback as well. Now local garage pop favorites the Delphines have embraced the quirky format, making their speedy, characteristically catchy new single, "Careless", available as a limited edition pink tape, out now on Milwaukee's own Organalog Records, in addition to the usual digital download.

The real reason to pick up the release in any form is the music which, as you may expect from the Delphines, goes by in a flash, its two tracks rushing by in less than five minutes altogether, but leaves a big impression in spite of its brevity. "Careless" is a stomping, snotty kiss off with a short but effective psychedelic breakdown, while the lovesick B-Side, "Strut", is a tad more vulnerable, but rocking nonetheless. 

The recordings more than do the material justice, preserving their usual clean, crisp mix while emphasizing the low-end a little more than some of their previous releases. That, naturally, comes through best on analog, which is one reason to shell out a few bucks for the physical copy, another being the slick packaging and cover design, the Delphines having as good an eye as their ear. Cassingle or otherwise though, "Careless" deserves a listen.

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