Saturday, December 31, 2011

FEATURE: WMSE Picks of 2011

I'm usually more than happy to just ignore all of the best-of lists that clog up the Internet this time of year, turned off by their ostentatious hipness and the pat encapsulation of larger trends that, as much as we may like them to, don't grow and develop according to any calendar. That being said however, if there is any list of 2011 musical goodness worth perusing, it's the one compiled by my knowledgeable, lovable comrades down at WMSE FM, who between them have covered the local, the obscure and, yes, the high profile releases of the year that was. If you're a fan of my show, the completely non-comprehensive Mondo Radio list is the fourth one down, but you'd be ill-advised to stop there. So, open up Youtube in a new tab and start exploring what kept Frontier Radio rocking in 2011! 

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