Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FEATURE: Adventures in Record Collecting #3

Date: 10/10/11
Location: Hoarder's World, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Money Spent: $0.00 USD (I work there)
Number of Records Purchased: 2

The Records:

Lesley Gore - Girl Talk:

The fourth album by 1960s teen sensation Lesley Gore (of "It's My Party" fame), Girl Talk, like many albums of the era, splits its runtime between upbeat pop and down tempo sentimentality. In this case, some of those ballads are rather forgettable, although by no means bad. The real attraction is the swinging girl group pop, perhaps best exemplified by the album opener "Hey Now".

The Ventures - The Ventures Play Telstar and The Lonely Bull:

Just one of hundreds of Ventures releases over the years, The Ventures Play Telstar and The Lonely Bull, stands out not because of its style, which is the kind of clean rock instrumentals you'd expect from the group, but because of the quality of the selections they cover, which include 'Green Onions", the space-age "Telstar" and rather wonderful version of "Apache", years before it would become a hit for the Incredible Bongo Band and a foundational hip-hop sample.

Glad to have picked these up, I've definitely got a soft spot for this era of popular music, which seemed to effortlessly straddle rock, R&B, surf and Tin Pan Alley. I think this new job is going to work out just fine.

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