Thursday, December 31, 2020

PLAYLIST: Mondo Radio (12/30/20)

Here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "That's the Joint", featuring classic old-school hip hop and more. If you enjoy it, remember to also find the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
Harlem World Crew - Rappers Convention - Boombox 1: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap 1979-82
Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O (7" Version) - Anthology
Orange Krush - Action (12" Version) - Def Jam Recordings 30
Kool Kyle The Starchild - Do You Like That Funky Beat - First Generation Rap: The Old School, Vol. 3
Afrika Bambaataa Zulu Nation Cosmic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown - Looking For The Perfect Beat 1980-1985
Fantastic Freaks - Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie (Live) - Wild Style Original Soundtrack
Double Trouble - Double Trouble At The Amphitheatre (Live) - Wild Style Original Soundtrack
Carol Martini - I Saw Mr. Spock Pumping Gas In The Rain - Piece By Piece
"Love Bug" Starski - Starski Live At The Disco Fever (Live) - Kurtis Blow Presents The History Of Rap, Vol. 2
Spoonie Gee Meets The Sequence - Monster Jam - Kurtis Blow Presents The History Of Rap, Vol. 2
The Sequence - Simon Says - Sugar Hill Presents The Sequence
The Sequence - And You Know That - Sugar Hill Presents The Sequence
Funky 4 + 1 - That's The Joint - Best Of Sugar Hill Records
Sugar Hill Gang - Apache - Best Of Sugar Hill Records
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel - Hits
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks - Hip-Hop Greats
Crash Crew - We Wanna Rock - Hip Hop Back In The Day
The Treacherous Three - At The Party - The Treacherous Three
Run-D.M.C. - Rock Box - Run-D.M.C.
Run-D.M.C. - Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1) - Run-D.M.C.
L.L. Cool J - Rock The Bells - Radio
L.L. Cool J - I Can't Live Without My Radio - Radio

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