Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PLAYLIST: Mondo Radio (03/23/16)

Here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Million Dollar Riff", featuring glam rock and more. If you enjoy it, remember to also find the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
David Bowie - Moonage Daydream - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
David Bowie - Suffragette City - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
Sweet - Ballroom Blitz - Desolation Boulevard
Sweet - The 6-Teens - Desolation Boulevard
Slade - See Us Here - Play It Loud
Slade - Dirty Joker - Play It Loud
Wizzard - You Can Dance The Rock 'N' Roll - Wizzard Brew
Wizzard - Wear A Fast Gun - Wizzard Brew
Cockney Rebel - Hideaway - The Human Menagerie
Cockney Rebel - What Ruthy Said - The Human Menagerie
T. Rex - Jeepster - Electric Warrior
T. Rex - Planet Queen - Electric Warrior
The Android Sisters - Macho Robot Or The Banana Trilogy - Songs Of Electronic Despair
Mick Ronson - Only After Dark - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Mick Ronson - Growing Up And I'm Fine - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Mott - Broadside Outcasts - Shouting & Pointing
Mott - Too Short Arms (I Don't Care) (Remix) - Shouting & Pointing
Mud - Rocket - Mud Rock
Mud - Dyna-Mite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet (Medley) - Mud Rock
Skyhooks - Million Dollar Riff - The Skyhooks Tapes
Skyhooks - Livin' In The 70's - The Skyhooks Tapes
Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash - Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro - Glycerine Queen - Suzi Quatro
New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss - New York Dolls
New York Dolls - Trash - New York Dolls
Jobriath - Good Times - Creatures Of The Street
Jobriath - Ooh La La - Creatures Of The Street
Lou Reed - Vicious - Transformer
Lou Reed - Hangin' Round - Transformer
Roxy Music - Re-Make/Re-Model - Roxy Music
Roxy Music - If There Is Something - Roxy Music
Eno - Baby's On Fire - Here Come The Warm Jets
Eno - Cindy Tells Me - Here Come The Warm Jets
Sparks - Thanks But No Thanks - Propaganda
Sparks - Bon Voyage - Propaganda

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