Wednesday, June 6, 2012

VIDEO: Collection - The Sensational K-Tel Collection! 25 Smash Hits!

The K-Tel company used to sell all kinds of crap to gullible (or drunk) TV viewers, novel kitchen gadgets destined to collect dust and the like, but they really made their name in the music business, licensing the biggest pop hits of the day and releasing them as compilations. With hideous covers and titles like 20 Power Hits or K-Tel's Pop Explosion, these collections were unabashedly tacky, but they also have a weird kind of resonance, encapsulating a moment in pop music history like a fly trapped in amber. Presented here for your consideration are 25 of their most mind-melting musical commercials ("As Seen On TV!"), selected from across years of K-Tel bombardment. Enjoy!

Problems viewing the video? Watch on Network Awesome!

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